~~~ STE SIG ARTICLE #2 ~~~

 Welcome to the STE Special Interest Group (STE SIG). If this is the 

first time you've read this section, then let me introduce myself - I'm Gary Spiteri chief of STE stuff so to speak. I do my best to look after the STE members out there by keeping you in touch with the news and views on their machine - the STE. And so to business....

          ~~~~~~ ATTENTION! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! ~~~~~

 As  you may or may not know the DMA handler chip that  looks  after 

hard disk drives, laser printers and also containing the DMA sampled sound hardware, has a major bug in it that results in the STE corrupting the directories of hard drives hooked to it. Atari are AT THIS MOMENT doing a FREE REPLACEMENT of the offending chip. Contact Atari or ComputerFair, or the nearest authorised Atari dealer. I've made mine worked on and it works! And as a bonus, the new chip also somehow fixes those Y modem problems (a CTS/RTS problem infact). So get to it!

Gary Spiteri


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