The Top 10 ST Platformers of All Time

In the many years since the ST was released, it has been graced by many top quality games. Some tried to push the computer to its limits, others tried to put their effort into the game play aspect. The rest did both. Below are in my opinion the best ten platform games to ever be released on the ST....

  1. The Dizzy games, CodeMasters, All ST's

Originally released on the 8 bits in the mid/late eighties, they were instantly at home on the ST. The Dizzy games were aimed squarely at the younger end of the market. They featured fairly basic cartoony graphics and a blippy sound track, but the puzzle element they offered was unique at the time. Although they have been surpassed by more recent games, they still deserve a place here.

Rating: 79%

  1. Hero, IDS/Freeware, All 1 Mbyte ST's

Released just over a year ago on the ill fated IDS label, Hero astounded everyone by proving how capable a language STOS was. the animation was very fluid, with well drawn big sprites. The game has recently been rereleased into the Public Domain as Freeware by its author Tony Greenwood so theres no reason for you not to have a copy.

Rating: 80%

  1. Zool, Gremlin, All 1 Mbyte ST's

Originally released in 1992, Zool was an instant success on almost every platform it was released on. With bold colourful cartoon like graphics and a catchy sound track, its presentation was second to none. Any discerning ST owner should have this in their collection.

Rating: 80%

  1. Rainbow Islands, Ocean, All ST's

This was the follow up to the arcade hit Bubble Bobble, featuring cute colourful graphics and an assortment of enemies. The end of each Island you would face a big baddie. The sound track was a souped up version of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' and added to the games overall atmosphere.

Rating: 82%

  1. Rock 'n' Roll Clams, Caspian, All 1 Mbyte ST's (STE & Falcon Enhanced)

The first title by relative newcomers Caspian Software placed you in the role of Caspar Clam. Your aim was to rescue all your fishy friends and set up a band. It was and still is one of the most original platform games ever released. The cute graphics and excellent music and sound effects made this one of the highlights of 1994.

Rating: 84%

  1. Sleepwalker, Ocean, 1 Mbyte STE's

The first ever commercial STE only game was an instant hit, proving what the STE was capable of. With a stereo sound track, clear sampled sounds and 32 colour graphics, this game pushed the computer to its limits and produced a top quality game in the process. It's just a shame that Ocean didn't decide to release more STE only games.

Rating: 85%

  1. Magic Boy, Empire, All 1 Mbyte ST's

This must be one of the best cartoon type games to be released on the basic ST, it mixed sound similar in quality to many STE only games with superb colourful graphics. Although aimed at the younger ST gamer, it still offered a challenge to the most hardened games player.

Rating: 85%

  1. Prince of Persia, Domark, All ST's

What is said about Another World below can be said about Prince of Persia. The only difference is the lack of an intro sequence, and more detailed sprites. Animation is probably the smoothest ever, and the sword fights were original. Overall an excellent game.

Rating: 89%

  1. Another World, US Gold, All 1 Mbyte ST's

center This is one of the best ever games released on any platform, with polygon based graphics, detailed backgrounds, fluid animation, atmospheric intro, and classy samples, this game pushed the ST to its limits. While it has been improved upon on other platforms with the follow up Flashback (which is available on the Jag), there is nothing else like it on the ST.

Rating: 90%

  1. Enchanted Lands, Thalion, All ST's

Enchanted Lands could have been the ST's answer to Sonic and Mario. With fast moving detailed cartoon graphics, excellent backgrounds, this was definitely one game which deserved to be in anyones collection.

Rating: 91%

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