center center Hi everyone!

The last couple of months have been a bit quiet as you can see from our news section, however, there are a couple of significant things happening this month - the October Atari Shows at which this issue was launched, and the 1997 Atari Times Awards.

Hopefully, the shows will be a complete success - they’d better be or there may not be any more - and we’ll hopefully bring you a full report next issue.

As for the 1997 Atari Times Awards, we thought it was about time that those who still support the Atari scene should get some sort of reward. By setting up the awards we aim to give the best Atari supporters the exposure they deserve...

For more information on the awards, check out our news section which contains a list of all the categories and details on how to make your vote.

As for this issue, we’ve got all the usuals including a review Impulse - an Arkanoid clone for the Falcon. There’s also the second part of our HTML tutorial, a profile of Kevin Jones and Robert Goldsmith tells us about his favourite ten programs of all time. Finally, Mia Jaap shows you how to make you Atari funny - is it possible?!

Next issue is already taking shape, we plan to bring you the results of the 1997 Atari Times Awards along with a review of STOSSER Softwares excellent HERO 2. Of course we’ll also have all the usual things and maybe also some not so common things!

Get reading and enjoy!

Colin Polonowski



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