Tony Greenwood, the man behind STOSSER and Paxton software has recently registered his own domain. It was originally intended as an on-line directory of his home town of Accrington, but due to unforseen circumstances this plan did not come into fruitition...

Instead, Tony decided to make use of the domain by moving all his Zetnet based pages over to Accrington-web!

There are a number of different sections to the site, but only a few are of interest to Atari users...

ST+ Fanzine, is the on-line presence of the disk-magazine turned paper fanzine. There are contact details for all the distributors and the latest bits of news regarding the fanzine itself. This site is a useful partner to the fanzine.

STOSSER Online, carries details of all of Tony’s Atari based programs. Most, if not all, can be downloaded and there are plenty of informative descriptions of his software.

STOS FAQ, is an important companion to every STOS user. It covers frequently encountered problems along with solutions and is an excellent source of STOS related information.

The rest of the sites are geared to Tony’s family and his PC based projects including the forthcoming HERO (PC)...

This is an excellent set of pages which are well presented and carry a large amount of supported Atari software and information...



Joe Connor’s InterActive shareware support offers UK Atarians the chance to get hold of fully translated and registered shareware from Germany and other countries.

The InterActive web page is, as you’d expect from such a prolific Atari supporter, well presented and easy to navigate. It carries descriptions of all the InterActive supported software along with the opportunity to download unregistered versions. Programs available through InterActive include favourites such as Everest, Look ’n’ See and Thing as well as other excellent software such as the popular PC Atari emulator TOSBOX.

There isn’t much more to say other than this is probably the most important site you can visit if you are a serious Atari user. The number of programs on offer is probably greater than on any other site and the InterActive shareware support scheme (along with CyberSTrider) is quite simply one of the most important fixtures in the Atari world.
Well worth a visit!



Where do you go for the latest Falcon hardware and commercial software in the UK?

Well, Titan Designs is a good place to start. They are the people behind the excellent Nemesis accelerator and the popular Apex suite of multimedia applications. They also provide UK disribution for the excellent DA’s set of software including DA’s Layout, and Gribnif packages such as Geneva and Neodesk.

The Titan site is once again well designed and the presentation is second to none. There are a number of demo’s available for download, and the sheer size of their product list is impressive.

If you are a Falcon owner and want to make the most out of your machine, Titan Designs is the company to visit.

Colin Polonowski

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