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Beleive it or not, we received many letters and E-mails of congratulations on AtariPhile #1. Obviously you don't want to read all the "Well done" letters in here so...

Our thanks to all who sent their good wishes - We hope we can keep up the quality!

In AP#1 we published a letter from FFF member Rosario Pignatelli regarding his problems obtaining a reply from two UK based software organisations. A reply from Mr Pink of Reservoir Gods was quickly received and posted in the online AtariPhile and added to the disk based distribution copy. We have since received a further letter from Reservoir Gods and a repy from the other party, Vornon Works Software...

<IMG src="/atariphile/styles/but_let.gif"><BR> <I>Dear Colin,

concerning your receipt of a letter from Mr. Rosario Pignatelli.

We received Mr. Rosario Pignatellis original letter of registration in late February of 1996, yet the letter was dated 15/12/95. This delay between postage and receipt, we can only surmise, was due to it being posted close to Christmas and being caught by the post-before dates. We were obviously only aware of the letter when we had received it, so the vast majority of the delay was during the time the post-office had the letter.

After it was received, it had to be forwarded to Mr. Pink in Liverpool. He, having just returned to his house after the Christmas holidays, foound he had not taked a copy of Tautology 2 back with him and since we give this game to everyone who registeres for our products, it also had to be forwarded on before he could reply to the letter. And at this time, he was working on his university course-work for which he had dead-lines to meet, so all of these unusual circumstances contributed to delay the reply to Mr. Pignatelli. We are usually able to make swift replies to people who have registered, as many of our customers will verify, but in this instance, because of factors beyond our direct control, we were unable to do so.

The fact that Mr. Pignatelli has also not received a reply from Vornon Vorks suggests that his letter to them was also posted near Christmas and so also suffered accordingly. Postaged to and from Italy is slow at the best of times.

The only previous time when there has been a large delay between registrations and sending out the Further Adventures was just after we released Double Bobble because we had not, at that time, completed making the Further Adventures and did not think that anyone would register so soon after the first DB game was released. The people who did register were very patient and when we had completed the Further Adventures we sent it straight off to them.

We are not just "in it for the money" or we would be doing PC games where there is a large user base. We are "in it" because we believe in the Falcon, we beleive that it is a great machine, that deserves the support game and demo crews give it and as long as there are people out there who want our games we will continue to produce them for the Falcon.

Mr. Pink is at this time in Liverpool, so I (Ripley) an writing to you, I am also writing to the people who register for our products at this time so there is no forwarding delay. However, although I am here for the magority of the time, I am not always here. We may be called the Reservoir Gods but we are, after all, only human and have daily lives to run before we don our supermen suits... So if there is a small delay, please be assured that we have not run off with your money, more likely the postman was scared of our dog George and drove off without leaving the post.

I have sent a copy of our latest game, Sky-Fall with our compliments.

Reservoir Gods

<IMG src="/atariphile/styles/but_fff.gif"><BR> Thanks for the full reply, Ripley.<BR> We recognise the good work you and others do in support of the Atari Falcon and hope you continue to release games of the excellent quality we have come to expect from the Reservoir Gods team. Where possible we always encourage users to register the shareware products they use.

Sky-Fall is a great game, I regularly play it and enjoyed writing the reviw [in this issue - FFF]. I am sending you a copy of AtariPhile #2 and a crisp new(ish) fiver for registration.

<IMG src="/atariphile/styles/but_let.gif"><BR> <I>To: Rosario Pidnatelli

Dear Customer,

Please accept our apology for the delay in responding to your correspondence regarding our game, Superhighway. As our customers regard our customer service as highly efficient, we regret that this time our standards failed.

The situation arose when we received your letter of inquiry regarding your order before we actually received the order! Somehow the Post Office delayed your payment for so long before it reached our office, and that's how and when the mix-up and delay occured.

But, sadly, I regret to tell you that Superhighway (UK) is not compatible with the Falcon. The game runs only on the ST/STe with 1meg or more memory. Our adverts appeared in STF before we discovered that the game was not 100% compatible with the Falcon.

We are therefore returning the £15.00 that you paid for the game as a full refund. Once again sorry about any inconveniences caused.

Yours sincerely,
David Morris
MD. Vornon Works Software.

<IMG src="/atariphile/styles/but_fff.gif"><BR> We received an E-mail from Rosario to tell us he had heard from both the Reservoir Gods and Vornon Works... All's well that ends well!<BR>

<IMG src="/atariphile/styles/but_let.gif"><BR> <I>Hello my name is Paul Finch, I thought you might be interested in the news that I have started up a club for owners of the wonderful Atari Portfolio pocket PC computer, my records show that you deal with Atari computers, so you can be one of the first people to be told about this new club, and membership is FREE. There are approx 300 Portfolio users in Europe alone. This club is, therefore, part of a much larger group.

Do you know of any other person/company that deals in Portfolio hardware or software? If you do please let me know, so I can tell all the members of my club.

I have contacts in U.S.A, Canada, Germany, and Czech Republic with supplies of new items for the Portfolio, i.e. memory cards, interfaces, 1.44MB floppy drive, Portwalk and Portlink kits!

Did you know it is also possible to backup your data on to a standard tape recorder, and upgrade your existing Portfolio to work faster or have a larger internal memory! The internal battery backup can also be increased from 10 minutes up to 24 hours!

It is possible to work your Portfolio as a fax machine or have a individual copy of your Portfolio working program on your desktop P.C. There is even a way to transfer data between an Atari S.T computer and your Portfolio. This is all possible with software from me.

You will be able to read in my club disk, under CLUBNEWS about the range of magazines, newsletters, old and NEW, with a mint of useful information. Yes there is even currently a newsletter being produced in the Czech Republic which is written in English. There is also a copy of my club's HISTORY on disk.

Anyway I look forward to hearing from you at sometime and if I can help anyone please give them my name, address and/or E-mail me. Why not pass this letter on to a friend who might be interested ?

We must keep the Atari computers ALIVE!.

Mr Paul H Finch.16 Cedars Road, MORDEN, Surrey. SM4 5AB. England. UK.<BR>

Yours faithfully,<BR> Paul

<IMG src="/atariphile/styles/but_let.gif"><BR> <I>Hi All,

As of the weekend, the WSAUG now has a WWW page courtesy of Bob Paton a former Atarian, who has donated the design and the space.

You'll find it on:

Come visit and let us know what you think. Feel free to pass on the url and add any links on that you wish.

Al Goold <BR> (WeST of Scotland Atari User Group -

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