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A british online magazin, similar to the Atari Times. # Issue #2 (complete)


CD-Player - Kev Beardsworth listens to Pink Floyd.
"I think I'm right in saying that the first thing people do when connecting a CD ROM drive to their Atari is play an Audio CD..."

E-Copy - Colin Fisher-McAllum tries the new disk copier from System Solutions.
"Strangely enough, E-Copy is a disk copying utility. It can run as a program or accessory and the manual says its multi-tasking friendly, but more of this later..."

ExtenDOS Pro - Kevin Beardsworth tests this CD-ROM driver
"Anodyne Software, realising there was a nasty gap in the market developed ExtenDOS, soon to be transformed into ExtenDOS Pro."

Hewlett Packard DJ600. - Adam Foster buys a printer.
"After using a knackered old Star LC-10 for several years with my ST, I was looking forwards to getting a new printer."

Look'n See- Joe Connor introduces us to one of his InterActive supported products.
"It's tempting to describe Look'n See as a file viewer because it can recognise and display dozens of image, text, sample and other file formats. After a quick play it's clear Look'n See is a seriously powerful application which defies pigeon holing as a mere file viewer!"

MagiC Utilities - Kevin Beardsworth looks at some special MagiC utilities.
"Let's face it, brilliant though MagiC undoubtedly is, it's rather lacking when it comes to customising, giving it that look and feel unique to your system."

Sky-Fall - Chris Smith and Colin Fisher-McAllum play with the new game from Reservoir Gods.
"A Tetris/Columns clone maybe, but there is so much game play here that it is a must for all Falcon owners who enjoy an occasionally game."

Star Accessories - Colin Fisher-McAllum introduces this new regular feature.
"To get the ball rolling I have chosen to chat about 'NameNet Access' and 'To-Do'…"


An intro to NameNet - Roger Derry tells us why he wrote NameNet.
"I had just been told that I was to be made redundant. Rather than sit and lick my wounds, I sat down and started programming..."

Symposium '96 - Richard Felice of the Maggie team goes to Germany.
"For some months now, we had been eagerly anticipating the trip over to Germany for Symposium '96, which had replaced the Fried Bits and other parties that were normally held around this time."


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# Issue #3 - Contents: - [File Selectors](ap/03/file-selectors) - [Afterburner 040](ap/03/afterburner-040) - [Atari Computing](ap/03/atari-computing) - [ST Format - The Final Nail?](ap/03/st-format-the-final-nail) # Issue #4


Desktops - In this, the first joint ap/Atari Computing feature article, Kev Beardsworth and Joe Connor take a close look at the most popular replacement desktops.
"Unlike some system enhancements it’s easy to replace the Desktop."
As an AtariPhile extra, Domhnall Dods and Colin Fisher-McAllum join Joe and Kev to give there personal comments. This section is not in Atari Computing.

Multitasking - Martyn Tidd takes an in-depth look at multitasking on the Atari.
"It’s a bit like a hard drive, once you have it you wonder how you ever managed to do without it."


Videlity - Colin Fisher-McAllum takes a pre release look at the new screen enhancer for the Falcon from Black Scorpion Software.
"Those of you who have seen APEX Media will know that nobody can squeeze and tease the best performance from the Falcon chips like the boys from Black Scorpion Software."
There is a sneak pre-preview of APEX Alpha on this page too!


Atari CD Master/Infopedia - Kev Beardsworth boosts his knowledge using this new package from System Solutions.
"Encyclopedia\’s on Cd Rom are very popular on the PC but for Atari\’s there are - as far as I know - none."

Papyrus 4 - Domhnall Dods looks at the what’s changes since Papyrus 3.
"Papyrus 4 has to be one of the most eagerly awaited upgrades on the Atari scene since MagiC 4."

Destruction Imminent - Ken Clayton plays Destruction Immenient and lives!
"The creatures themselves come in the guises of Spiders, Bats, Zombies, and Rock monsters that look like gingerbread men."

Positive Image - part 2 - Colin Fisher-McAllum concludes his look at this excellent image processing/retouching package from Floppyshop.
"All in all, Positive Image is a very powerful tool that anyone who needs to process and touch up images [or those who just like to play with images] would be delighted to use."

SyQuest EZFlyer 230 - Domhnall Dods makes a ’flying’ visit to Colin‘s home.
"The SyQuest EZFlyer 230 is in shape, size and looks, very like the Iomega Zip, but a little sturdier in construction."


POV Raytracing - Adam Foster continues his of POV raytracing tutorials
"In this tutorial, I will demonstrate the basics of a very powerful part of POV-Ray, the Construtive Solid Geometry (CSG), and how to use the supplied textures and colours."

Artificial Intelligence - Mark Wherry asks the question - Will AI ever surpass our own?
"The term artificial intelligence was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy of MIT. He defined it as "the science of making computers do things which if done by men would require intelligence.""

Star.Accessories - Alasdair Goold, chairman of Scotland’s TOS/Atari Group - STAG, takes his place on the roll of honour of those asked to discuss their favourite accessories. Kobold and Freedom
"My approach in this article is not to attempt to give a tutorial, or even an in-depth review, but to explain why and how I use them, and how they increase my productivity."

Scoring on Cubase - Keith Turner-Cairns brings us up to scratch on scoring.
"Producing scores is really a state of mind! Ok, there are some rules, but the purpose of the score is to get a player to play what you want."

Music in MIDI - David J. Williams starts a new series of articles to help you to get the best Music In MIDI.
"I hope to show you over the next few issues of AtariPhile how to write in your own songs using the knowledge of written music and it’s rules that you will acquire here."

Frontier Elite Pilots Course - Robert Coare gives us some hints and tips on getting the best from Frontier Elite II.
"I am your chief instructor Lieutenant Robert Coare and I will be guiding you through all aspects of life in todays galaxy."

And there’s more...

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