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Here is a tip from Jeremy Hughes...

Imagecopy and MagiC 4

If you use Imagecopy with MagiC 4, you must also use NVDI or Imagecopy will crash when copying images. The reason for this is that MagiC does not implement some low-level OS routines (LineA routines) which Imagecopy needs to be able to copy images. NVDI supplies the missing routines, so long as you have `Line-A' switched on in the NVDI config CPX.

<IMG src="/atariphile/styles/but_com.gif"><BR> <I>Can anyone sugest any good FTP sites for the Atari/Falcon scene. I've been scanning ST Format for the last 2 Hours but have only come uip with Hensa and Futurenet.

I'm really after Demos for the Falcon but anything would be better that what I currently have.

Si Gardner, 42BBS<BR>

One of the best sites for you to check out is at The directory you need to go to is pub/Atari. Note the capital A is required .. dis particular UNIX machine is VERY picky!!

You could also try out for new Falcon demos etc .. but this site is a little slow whenever I access it from my neck of the woods. Try it and see what you think.

CNAM was renowned for being slow, but since it was reorganised early on this year the speed ratio has been excellent!

There is also in the directory systems/atari. This is the backup to the Atari Archive at the Uni of Michigan in the US, but is updated a lot more than the UK mirror site. Toad also have a mirror of this site at in the directory umich, this can vary in speed from time to time.

Hope this helps.<BR> Richard (Maggie Team)

Thanks for supplying a reply , Richard :-)

Here are some useful tips to help with using MagiC 4...

Harlekin -<BR> If you wish to use Harlekin you will have to re-order RESETMEM.PRG in the Auto Folder to run before MAGXBOOT or MAGXBO32. This, unfortunately means you will have to endure TWO resets (one for RESETMEM.PRG to save the memory you have defined in the DEF file and once for the version of MAGX that you are using ) - but at least it will now run properly. Colin of the FFF told me that he runs Harlekin as an ACC from the desktop without using RESETMEM - but I have tried it and it does not work FOR ME <I>[I can assure you all it works for me - FFF]</I>. Yes there is an entry for Harlekin in the Program Manager of MagiC and the clock shows in the top right corner but I cannot access the Harlekin "Desk" screen <I>[Try Control-H - FFF]</I>.

Defrag Memory -<BR> To defragment the memory - yes, it will happen in a similar way to the way your Hard Drive gets defragmented - set a program which only consumes a small amount of memory (and preferably one that is quite useful) to SINGLE TASKING mode in the Install Applications in MAGXDESK and then run it. This tip is from the all-wise/knowing/Sysop who gets tips from everyone else and is too lazy to find them out for himself Colin Fisher-McAllum! <I>[Huh! you only said that 'cos you knew I'd be editing this section - FFF]</I>

VT52 Program -<BR> Bit obvious this one - you can alter the size of the window (and save this setting) so that viewing a text file using SHOW.TTP or using any other TOS program will NOT take up all the screen. Useful for dearcing files and getting on with other jobs at the same time, in that, you can still access much of the desktop .

MagiC Search Facility -<BR> This is an excellent facility. Search for files using masks, wildcards, date and size parameters. Will show a scrollable list in a window. Double click on an entry and MagiC will open the directory window that the file is in and highlight the entry, ready for your next action. Very useful.

Iconized Windows -<BR> If you iconize a window or a folder you will be able to drag-and-drop files to the icon and they will be copied into it! Try it. You can iconize any folder no matter how deeply it is nested.

Keyboard Shortcuts -<BR> Which are not mentioned in the MagiC 2B booklet (for MagiC 4)!<BR> ALT-CNTRL-CLR/HOME - to redraw the screen - (Thanks again Colin)<BR> ALT-CNTRL-DEL - Shutdown.

STDCAT - <BR> Does not update the screen properly when you are adding or updating disks. In actual fact the information is there and being processed correctly - just that the window contents are not being updated correctly. Also ALWAYS needs the screen "TIDY UP" on exiting.

OTHER MATTERS<BR> 1/ Recently I bought a replacement drive for my 3 year old STE and had all sorts of problems with "Errors on Drive B" messages and corrupted characters showing for file names. Worse still was that corruption of files was taking place when copying files or even saving them from out of programs. In the end I discovered (after many hours of trials and tribulations) that I needed the program FMC.PRG in my Auto Folder. FMC stands for Force Media Change. Apparently the Atari range has problems with some disk drives and this programs fixes the fault.

2/ Only recently did I find out that despite assurances that TOS 4.04 for the Falcon was supposed to be bug free <I>[humpf... No OS is bug free

3/ BLOW-UP FX, the Falcon Accelerator/screen enhancer/memory upgrade board from System Solutions. I've been digging up some more facts on this board, which I don't think have been mentioned elsewhere, and may not be apparent. The board uses 30 pin SIMMS and NOT the more commonly available 72 pin SIMMS. The SIMMS are used in matched pairs and there are 4 banks available. Possible permutations would be A/ 21Mb=2Mb. B/ 24Mb=8Mb. C/ 41Mb=4Mb. D/ 44Mb=16Mb. E/ 24Mb+21Mb=6Mb. All these values are additional to your original 4Mb! They are treated as EXTENDED RAM and the board comes with a CPX to set up according to your memory configuration. You may also have to configure programs to get them to run either in ordinary RAM or extended RAM or to use both.

These 30 pin SIMMS, however, do appear to be available, from private sales/adds for around £40 to £50 for a 4Mb SIMM. SIMMS with a speed of 70 nanoseconds or faster i.e. 60, 50, are needed. Also, if you wish to fit 4 of them WITHOUT having to use a Desktopper or Lighthouse Tower you will need to buy the "low height" versions. There are "ordinary" height ones around, as well, and use of these will mean you can only fit two of them without modifying the Falcon case or re-housing all the innards. Parity is not important. Courier charge for pick-up from home and delivery on completion of the fitting is £20 in total. Cost of the board is £179 and fitting (recommended) is from £60 to £70 depending on age of Falcon (TOS type), problems etc. All in the cost, providing you supply your own SIMMS and you can get them for the price I mentioned, is around £360 for an 8 Mb expansion (4 Mb original + 8Mb), fitting and delivery. £440 for a 16 Mb expansion (4Mb original + 16Mb) etc. I should stress that I urge readers of this note to check for themselves the details I've given. I believe the facts to be true but accept no responsibility etc.

That's it - TTFN. Regards, Val Gutzu

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