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with Jonathan Nott Indeed, we now see the second installment of our regular telecommunations news round-up for AtariPhile. It was first seen in the last issue, and as you can now see its here to stay (for the time being away!).

42BBS Web Site - soon!

Under development at this moment is a comprehensive www support site for 42BBS, the FFF and the FFFnet network. The site is being put together by myself (Jon Nott) with assistance from Colin Fisher-McAllum (42BBS Sysop and FFF co-founder).

We hope to have the site online shortly after the release of this AtariPhile, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements on both NeST and the internet itself. In the mean time, find out more by e-mailing me on

Atari Computing Support on NeST & 42BBS

To grace the arrival of the stunning new Atari magazine, an online support echo has opened for Atari Computing on the NeST network. The moderators of this new echo are Chris Good and Al Goold, with ACG members Joe Connor and Mike Kerslake always on hand to answer those vital questions. To join the echo, contact your local NeST BBS (see below), or visit NeST on the web at

42BBS has also opened a support menu for the magazine, with bulletins, press releases and speedy links to download software reviewed in the latest issue. Most of the ACG team access the NeST network through 42BBS, and regularly message on 42's own FFFnet network. For more information, call 42BBS on (UK)+(0)1256-895106 (24hrs, 28,800, 8N1), or e-mail

For more Atari Computing Information, e-mail either Joe Connor ( or the team's CiX address (

Maggie Web Site Possible

After many false-starts, it seems that work could soon be starting on a superb web site for the disk magazine 'Maggie'. Rich Davey, who previously ran the Falcon Owners Group, is now a professional internet developer. He has been approached by Chris Holland (Maggie's Editor) and has agreed to start work on the basis of the site. There is a possibility of having the whole compilation issue online when the site first goes up. More news on this when it comes in.

Madsoft BBS

A new Atari-supporting BBS will be online very soon, run by Chris Smith and Jonathan Nott. Aswell as supporting the Atari, the BBS will be aimed at Young People and those interested in MIDI/Music. Madsoft is online 24hrs at speeds up to 33,600bps on 01245-472932.

There will also be a new network set up, with Madsoft as the central system, called MadNet. For more information on Madsoft BBS or MadNet, contact Chris Smith on NeST (90:100/313), or e-mail

Meon Valley BBS

The re-opening of Meon Valley BBS is good news for Atari users in the South... and the North, East and West! SysOp, Si Gardner, is well known to Atari comms users as he has been messaging in NeST for many years [but don't hold that against him - Ed]. Call 24 hours a day at speeds up to 33,600bps on 01705 632199

<B>There have been a few changes over the last few months. 42BBS is now a HUB for NeST and FanFiles so the system addresses have changed to 90:100/300@nest.ftn and 95:150/300@fanfiles.ftn. Also, we hope to be re-connected into both AtariNet and TurboNet in the very near future.


We now have a support site for Atari Computing Magazine. This joins the already established Atari Net Locator, Croft Soft Software, InterActive, Maggie, Reservoir Gods, STAG and WAG areas. Oh yes, not to forget the AtariPhile support area too!

FaST Club and Titan/BSS/Gribnif support areas are expected to be added in the not too distant future.

The CyberSTrider area has closed. You can still contact Denesh [Danny] Bhabuta on any of his published email addresses or write to the usual Post Box.

Jon Nott tells me he is working on the WWW site for 42BBS. We hope to bring you more news on that at a later date.

Th-Th-That's All Folks!

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