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Issue #5 of AtariPhile will be out when it's ready.
Expect it when you see it!!!
You know it's gonna be worth the wait.
Amongst other things we plan to have...

The programs used to produce this HTML issue of AtariPhile are:

  • CAB - Crystal Atari Browser
  • Everest - Text Editor
  • Imagecopy - Image Utility
  • Kandinsky - Vector Graphics
  • Positive Image - Graphic Processing
  • Rotate - Vector font utility
  • Textstyle - Text styling utility
  • True Paint - Bitmap Graphics

Other programs have been used by the contributors, such as Apex Media, GEM Bench, GEMView, Protext, That's Write and Papyrus.

We try to produce AtariPhile to look good in all video modes, but obviously leaning towards the higher resolutions. If, in colour mode, you think things are not looking quite right it may be because CAB still does not handle forced colours correctly accross 16 and 256 modes. Eg: The command 'gray' gives a nice light grey in 16 colour mode but a dark gray in 256. Likewise 'silver' gives the light grey in 256 colour mode yet it's white in 16 colours. We can't win!
To see AtariPhile at it's best set your CAB Display Options to:
If you are unable to view this magazine in 256 colour mode, we recommend you use 16 colour mode and select "Geryscale Graphics" in your browser's display options/

We hope you enjoyed issue #4 of AtariPhile
We'll see y'all next year!

AtariPhile is available to all. We require a formatted Double Density disk, a Self Addressed Envelope and TWO first class stamps [one for return postage and one towards our costs] per issue. Make sure you put enough stamps on the package to cover delivery - we refuse underpaid packages. Non-UK residents should send International Postage Coupons. AtariPhile is also available from 42BBS [on 01256-895106], Goodman's PD library [on 01782-335650], Floppyshop PD library [on 01224-312756] and the FaST Club [on 0115-945 5250].

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