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There has been a major change with the Atari Authors Association. We will still offer the same support service to all Atari programmers in releasing and promoting software, but the Evaluation Scheme has changed.

Evaluations are to be carried out on-line in the N.ST.PDREVIEW echo, moderated by Harry Sideras. Evaluators just post reviews of any new software they have obtained in this echo, the results are then collated and included in the following issue of the Croft Soft HTML News Letter.

This methods main advantage is the fact that there are no costs and therefore no registration fees. As before, software is rated out of 100 which is split in to different categories. Once a piece of software has three or more reviews, it is automatically added to the AAA database.

The aim is to constantly update each piece of softwares rating which therefore leads to an unbiased result. Software which has a total of at least 80% for three updates is then awarded a Gold Award, and the Author is notified. The award can be used by the author in any way they see fit.

The scheme requires no action on the part of Authors. Evaluators are independant, and their reviews are all unbiased.

Any person who has registered for the scheme before 12th July 1996 is entitled to have their money refunded.

Anyone wishing to be an evaluator should fix to the N.ST.PDREVIEW echo and introduce themselves. There is currently a form in the message base which lays out how to evaluate software. Copies will be posted every couple of weeks so that people can continue evaluating.

Any people who wish to be evaluators who are not currently on line may still be able to take part, send a letter to Colin Polonowski at the address in the Addresses section of the magazine.

Important: Atari Authors Association (Denmark) will continue to operate as it has previously done, any Danish Atari Authors should contact Henrik at the address in the Addresses section.

The Atari Authors Association is a subsidiary of Croft Soft Software and is a non-profit making organisation


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