Heartland (Review 1)

center Heartland is the latest game from the programmer of H.E.R.O, Tony Greenwood.

Tony has made himself a name in the Atari market by proving that STOS is just as capable as other programs in producing top quality games and Heartland just helps to improve his reputation.

Heartland features cute graphics and is compatible with all ST's upto TOS 2.06. Tony intends to release a Falcon compatible version soon.

The game features:


The main character will be instantly recognisable to most games players as Dizzy - the egg that can walk! He fits in well with the games overall presentation.

The aim is to find all of the playing cards which are dotted around the play area. The picture cards are easy to find, but the others which are hidden behind doors are more difficult.

The controls are easy to master and the game is quite addictive.

center The background music on the STe is impressive and just shows the sort of skill behind the program.

All of the graphics, apart from Dizzy, are original and are drawn by Dean Chadwick. They are clear, well drawn and Dean deserves to go far.


Yet again another potential hit from Tony Greenwood. This is a game which beats even H.E.R.O as the king of STOS platformers and just proves that STOS is a very capable package.

Highly recommended!

Program: Heartland       Author: Tony Greenwood
Contact: Dean Chadwick, 138 Townfields Rd, Westhoughton, Bolton, 
            Lancashire, England, BL5 2NT
e-mail: stosser@airtime.co.uk
WWW: www.stosser.co.uk

Rating: 85%

Colin Polonowski
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