Destruction Imminent

Stephen F Barszczak is the proud owner of the ST's latest Doom clone and he has decided to tell us all what he thinks of it...

center How many of you remember Substation, and thought they finally gave us a Doom clone, well it's been done again, where as this is more a Substation clone.

The game takes place in a complex where you over power the guard and escape, the idea being to blow up the complex and setting earth free.

I must say that this game impressed me, the intro screens are well drawn & the intro music has a good melody and beat to it.

The ingame sampled sounds were good but lacking in that there was no background noise so unless you fire your gun at something you are in a world of total silence.

The game does lack any animation at all but that doesn't spoil the gameplay as you don't have too much time to worry about how the enemies move before they kill you.

The controls are a lot easier than Substation as on that you needed a Atari Joypad or you had to use the keyboard, and unless you know where the keys are without looking or by the time you've found the one you want your dead, no in Destruction Imminent they have stuck to the more conventional joystick and the weapons options are on the function keys which I think makes the game that bit better, it's easier to remember where the function key is.

Initially, you can only choose between your fist or a knife not that you would have much chance close up. The pistol is fairly effective but has a fire rate, the machine gun fires a bit faster and the rocket launcher is the best as it kills everything it hits. The plasma gun in its self not very powerful but essential to kill energy lifeforms on the later levels.

You also have grenades, keys which you will have to find as some doors are locked and the medikit which restores health. There is also a mapper which you will probably need as it is easy to go round in circles and a radar to help you locate the enemy.

There is no save game feature but each level you complete gives you a password for the level.

I really enjoy the game and recommend it, if you liked Substation then you should like this as there is a little more colour as well the game is fast the scrolling fairly smooth.

If you didn't like Substation then you may not like this but the controls are better implemented so give it a go. I myself would say go buy it as it's well worth the asking price. We've complained that we haven't got anything like Doom but now have two games Substation and now Destruction Imminent.

Program: Destruction Imminent      UK Distributor: Goodmans International
Contact: 16 Conrad Close, Meir Hay Estate, Longton,
Stoke-on-Trent, ST3 1SW

Rating: 85%


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