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ST+ started life as a disk magazine. No ordinary disk mag though, this one lasted for two years and 24 issues, and each one was literally packed to the brim with relevant Atari information.


As the months passed, it became more difficult for Dave Hollis and the rest of the ST+ team to continue creating a magazine without enough input from their readers. It came to a point of either leaving the scene or doing something different to break up the monotony of endless typing!

Thankfully, they took the second option and the ST+ Fanzine is the result...

So, what do you get for your money?

Well, I was surprised how professional the fanzine looks. The first issue (25) runs to 28 A5 pages each one is almost overflowing with text and pictures. The fanzine covers a number of diverse Atari areas including User Groups, Disk Mags, Interviews, Reviews, Programming, Internet, Emulation and Education.

All sections appear to be very well written and contain a lot of interesting and useful information. Interspersed around the articles are a number of adverts from some of the Atari markets most important companies and this goes to prove that the ST+ Fanzine has support from a large number of influential Atari supporters...

I find it very hard to fault the ST+ Fanzine, it just proves what enough determination and effort can do. Go and order your copy now!


ST+ Fanzine 25Atari Magazine
Dave Hollis£1.50

Colin Polonowski

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