Channel Atari - 17 May 1998


The e-mail client MyMail is up to version 0.60 (May 17) and is able to check if thereエs a new and updated version available, automatically on-line You will always find the latest version at: (My webpage) or (The Official webpage))

The Draconis Internet Package

The Light of Adamas is a GEM HTML-browser from the Draconis Internet Package, capable to browse offline and on-line web docs. It Supports HTML 3.2, embedded FTP access (through a proxy), background processing, real frames, tables, multiple provider configs, vector font support, history URL and many more features.

The Draconis Mail client is called Marathon Mail and some of the features are selective mail download, multiple mailboxes, MIME coding, attachments, queue for outgoing mails, re-send possibility and it is all in GEM.

One of the strongest features of The Draconis Web Package is that you can use a poorely strong Atari ST/STe computer in a SingleTOS environment, as well as TT/Falcon or compatibles with MagiC or a MultiTOS/compatible system. All the configs is managed through a central config utility, including modem settings.

The official Draconis webpage is located at

You can also visit my own Draconis support page with several snapshots of both Adamas and Marathon, at

Software downloads

The exact location of my software download page is located at:

and the ASH download page at:

It contains swedish versions of CAB, Fiffi and Emailer with HTML- docs along with multilingual CAB 2.6 versions, CAB 2.0 Demo, CAB 1.5 Freeware, CAB OVL module etc

The CAB Overlay Module

The CAB.OVL by Dan Ackerman is to use with the webbrowser CAB, that gives the browser on-line Internet access. The latest version is 1.2904 and the module now uses a config file. Also a specially optimised 68030 version is bundled.

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