Floppyshop - NEW Falcon specific CD-Rom release


Floppyshop are pleased to announce the release of their fourth CD-ROM title for Atari computers. It is an updated version of an excellent release originally titled Falcon 030 Version 1.00, which was compiled by Michel Goux and Thierry Benet who run the popular Azimut RTC bulletin board in France. The CD-ROM remains essentially their compilation, but we have modified it by altering the folder structure to English names and replacing some of the included software packages with newer updated versions. In addition, we have squeezed quite a lot of interesting extras onto the CD which were not present on the original release. The Floppyshop variant is called SELECT CD, so as to avoid confusion with the French version.

As the name suggests, this collection is exclusively dedicated to the Atari (or CLAB) Falcon 030. There’s no antiquated ST software padding out this collection, it’s all top quality PD, Shareware and Freeware for Falcon computers. Many of the titles coincidentally happen to run exceptionally well on the Hades, Medusa and other high end clones, but others use the DSP and are therefore only comfortable with the real McCoy.

SELECT CD includes all the top demos from Europe’s favourite demo crews, lots of audio programs, masses of games, graphic programs, file viewers, lots of source code (in Assembler, C, DSP, GFA and other languages), several multimedia packages, a number of STe emulators, some direct to disk recording software, lots of disk magazines, masses of small utilities, technical info, DIY electronics projects and an easy to install Unix environment for your Falcon.

With very few exceptions, almost everything on the CD-ROM is uncompressed and ready to run. In fact most software will run directly from the CD, thus avoiding the necessity to purchase a larger hard drive. Falcon exclusive collections are very few and far between, with most Falcon owners having to be content with a token „corner“ on an ST based title. SELECT CD offers a unique opportunity to own all those classic Falcon demos together with the very latest versions of all today’s popular PD, Shareware and Freeware titles from the world’s top Falcon programmers. What more could you possibly want, apart from a Phenix or a Milan?

SELECT CD is available now for only 15 pounds + P&P (UK 2 pounds, Europe 3 pounds, ROW 4 pounds).

Further information:

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Email: sdelaney@zetnet.co.uk
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