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68060/68040 based TT Clones

The DirecT40 and the DirecT60 are based on the same motherboard design, simply swapping out the socketed 68040 and plugging in a 68060 results in an instant upgrade!

DirecT40 is a MC68040 33/66 MHz Atari TT clone. DirecT60 is a MC68060 60MHz Atari TT clone. DirecT40/T60 are housed in a PC style tower case which allows for up to 5 - 5.25" devices and 3 - 3.5" internal drives. This means that you will have plenty of room for SyQuest Drives, Tape BackUps, CD Recorders and Players and any other device that would require an open front drive bay plus you would still have room for up to three hard drives!

The open architecture design of the motherboard allows for interfacing with the low cost and readily available PC peripherals such as EIDE hard disks, SCSI hard disks, DD, HD, ED floppy disks, PCI and/or ISA ET4000 or Mach 64 graphics cards, SVGA/VGA Monitors, AT style keyboards and more! Adding memory is as easy as popping in PS/2 SIMMS! 8 memory slots organized in 4 + 1 banks allow for expansion right up to 1 Gigabyte! Hey, who needs a hard drive with a Gigabyte RAM disk!

All DirecT40/T60 enjoy the standard TT external ports, SCSI, Modem 1, Modem 2, LAN, MIDI in and MIDI out. For those who need cartridge port and ACSI (DMA) port we will be offering in the near future the DirecT40/T60 Plus which has a full ST compatible I/O card.

Technical Specifications:


Full size tower case with 6 - 5.25" open front bays (one is used for floppy), 3 - 3.5" internal bays, 250 Watt power supply, Dual fan ventilation system. CSA/UL approved.
Dimensions: 620mm (H) x 190mm (W) x 455mm (D) Weight 2.5 Kg.

Installed Peripherals:

DirecT40 Technical data:

DirecT60 Technical data:

MIPS is Millions of Instructions per second and is used to rate processing power and speed.

Internal ports:

Pricing Information:

The complete system, including medium height tower case, 68040 processor with FPU, 4MB RAM, 850Mb hard drive, floppy drive, graphics card, PC-keyboard and mouse is $3799.99 Cdn. or $2739.99 US. or less**. FOB Edmonton.

DirecT60:<BR> The complete system, including medium height tower case, 68040 processor with FPU, 4MB RAM, 850Mb hard drive, floppy drive, graphics card, PC-keyboard and mouse is $4499.99 Cdn. or $3239.99 US. or less**. FOB Edmonton.

** Please Note, since these machines use standard PC/IBM compatible peripherals, due to market conditions on these parts the actual street price will vary, usually downward as the trends on these parts are following this path currently. Check with us for daily pricing.

Dealer enquiries are welcomed.

Other configurations are available on request! Every DirecT40/T60 is custom built by Computer Direct. This allows us to build the system that you want, not the system somebody wants to sell you!


DirecT40/T60 is fully compatible with all cleanly written GEM applications that run on a stock TT. Software which accesses hardware directly will not run. Some examples would be Warp 9 (VDI) and Software which requires TT High, cartridge port and ACSI (DMA) port. DirecT40/T60 Plus motherboards will overcome many of these problems due to the integrated ST I/O card which contains the original Atari hardware.

Information, Ordering and Quotations:

Computer Direct
10338-59 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada. T6H 1E6

Tel: 403-496-2488
Fax: 403-496-2489


Atari Entertainment

The only Jaguar/Lynx magazine in the UK... the world?... Probably!

Produced bimonthly, Atari Entertainment is available by subscription currently set at £10 a year - 6 issues - From:

Atari Entertainment.
PO Box 7

Atari Shows

We are pleased to announce that Mike Goodman, of Goodman International PD Library, has taken on the mantle of organising some Atari Shows

Sponsored ST Format, the shows will take place in Birmingham and London over the weekend of 28th and 29th September.

Saturday 28th September

Motor Cycle Museum

Sunday 29th September

Osterley Four Pillars Hotel

Both shows will run from 10am to 5pm with the usual £5 entrance fee reduced to £3 for adults and £1 for children under 12 years accompanied by an adult.

The Falcon FacTT File boys will be ther on the Sunday, so pop over to our little stand and say "Hi".

Who else will be there?
So far the following have announced they will be attending at least one on the shows...

For more information, contact Mike on 01782-335650

COMPO Softwear UK

Further to the news of the closure of COMPO Softwear UK., Neal O'Nions has asked that the receivers address be made known for anyone who might need it:

Neville Eckley
Midland Bank Chambers
62 High Street
PE15 9LF

Atari Portfolio Club

Paul Finch has started up a club for owners of the wonderful Atari Portfolio pocket PC computer.

You will be able to read in his club disk, under CLUBNEWS about the range of magazines, newsletters, old and NEW, with a mint of useful information. Yes there is even currently a newsletter being produced in the Czech Republic which is written in English. There is also a copy of the club's HISTORY on disk.

For more information see Pauls letter in the AtariPhile Letter page

Contact:<BR> Mr Paul H Finch.16 Cedars Road, MORDEN, Surrey. SM4 5AB. England. UK.<BR>

Positive Image

Floppyshop are delighted to announce the release of Positive Image, a high end image processing tool developed primarily for the Atari TT and Falcon 030 but which also runs capably on a standard ST. Positive Image has come about as a result of extensive research into professional photographic image retouching packages on non-Atari machines. The result is an image processing studio, such as has never before been seen running on Atari computers!

Positive Image runs on any TOS based computer but is enhanced to take full advantage of the improved hardware on the STE, TT and Falcon, especially the DSP on the Falcon. The blitter (if present) is also used to maximum effect. There are two versions of Positive Image, one for 68000 based ST/e's the other for 68030 machines (including PAK 68/3 accelerated ST/e's and Apple Macintosh machines running MagiC Mac). The basic 68000 version contains all the features of its big brother, being limited only by the slower processor speed and lower resolution displays. If your ST/e, TT or Falcon has a processor accelerator or graphic card fitted, this too will be used to its fullest capabilities.

Positive Image is the ONLY GEM based image processing program to allow the editing of 24-bit True Colour graphics on an ordinary ST in any resolution (including low res!). A high spec system is not necessary in order to run Positive Image, but the program will take full advantage of the increased processing power if it is there! The following is a list of the program's main features:-

System Compatibility

Multi-Tasking Features

General Features

Falcon Specific Features

Printer Support

Image Processing Features

Image Retouching Features

Besides having a powerful compliment of image processing tools, Positive Image includes a number of localised retouching tools with user definable brush size and shape. These are for the main part, similar in concept to those found in any standard graphics package, but further enhanced to fully exploit the image processing capabilities of Positive Image. The retouching tools are as follows:-

All retouching tools may be used in Positive Image's variable zoom mode to ensure pixel precise accuracy,


Positive Image is available NOW. It normally costs £79 (UK Pounds) + P&P, but you can order your copy at a special introductory price of just £65.00 + P&P (UK 2 pounds, Europe 5 pounds, rest of world 10 pounds) for a limited period only. Overseas customers please check to see if we have a distributor in your country. If not, please note (when ordering from Floppyshop) that payment must be made in UK currency (Eurocheque, Post Giro, International Money Order or a cheque drawn on a UK bank). To be honest, you will probably find it easiest to pay by credit card.

Contact:- Floppyshop, PO Box 273, Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K. AB15 8GJ.
Tel:\Fax: 01224 586208, International +44 (0)1224 586208

Positive Image Distributors

Falcon Pro Center,
Vaederlekstorget 12, S-418 32 Gothenburg, Sweden.

NETHERLANDS <BR> Atari ST Computerclub Nederland (ACN), <BR> Postbus 5011, 2000 CA Haarlem, The Netherlands.

DENMARK <BR> Indigo 2, <BR> Montanagade 29E, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark.

NORTH AMERICA <BR> Computer Direct, <BR> 10338-59 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. T6H 1E6

UK, IRELAND and all other territories <BR> Floppyshop, <BR> PO Box 273, Aberdeen, AB15 8GJ, Scotland, U.K.


From 16/32 comes another Falcon game. ROAD RIOT 4WD is now released.

A nice racing game featuring 4 WD buggies, 11 tracks and 11 opponents, such as Aunt Artic and Cha Cha Macready you have the chance to become the new World Series Champion. Cost is £24 (UK pounds)

You can also get this game from

Systems For Tomorrow in the good old USA
Computer Direct in Canada
Frontier in France
WBW in Germany
More details available in the UK from:

16/32 Systems
173 High Street
Kent ME2 4TW

TEL 01634 710788
FAX 01634 295895


Phil Hodgkins, author of Stoop, the Falcon boot up manager has ceased its development and given it PD status.

He explained that it was eating into his own free time, and since the mother board on his Falcon broke down has not been able to contiue development.

As soon as his Falcon is fixed he'll release the code to anyone interested in developing the program further.

As you may or may not know Stoop needs a key code and Phil has asked us to publish his:

Phil Hodgkins

Titan Design News

Plenty of news from Titan Design and BSS


Black Scorpion's new hardware 's new hardware accelerator, Nemesis, is making great progress and should be ready to ship towards the end of June. nemesis has been designed specifically to support the entire APEX range of software programs, i.e. Media, Intro, and the forthcoming APEX 3 and APEX Audio.

<IMG src="/atariphile/images/02/nemesis1.gif" align="left" ALT="[Screenshot]">Although price has not been finalised, we expect it to be no more than £39.95 (incl. VAT & carriage) to existing APEX Media/Intro users. Non-APEX users can expect to pay a further £10.00. The price has risen by £10.00 due to an extra Clock Oscillator being included into the design (switchable up to 48MHz) to ensure total compatibility with all properly written Atari software.

Provisional Specification

Bus - 24MHz - faster than most other accelerators and enables APEX 3 to achieve 640x480 (or higher), true-colour, non-interlaced on a VGA monitor. The higher Bus speed should also allow Expose' frame rates of 25fps at 256x160!

CPU - 24MHz - a lower CPU speed ensures total reliability. Exceeding 32MHz can prove unreliable in any case.

FPU - switchable between 24MHz and 48MHz - to ensure compatibility with different processors, i.e. FPUs rated at 16MHz may not 'take the strain'. DSP - 48MHz - much more important to APEX than CPU speed, as all versions of APEX are mainly machine-coded for the DSP.

As you can see we have concentrated on reliability and have still managed to produce an accelerator which exceeds the specification of many of its competitors and, in addition, achieves a price which makes it totally affordable to anyone!


from Titan Designs Ltd

TITAN DESIGNS have recently been appointed as the official UK distributor for the Afterburner040 Falcon accelerator.

The Afterburner040 can be supplied with either a 68LC040 or full 68RC040 processor. The main difference between the 'LC' and 'RC' versions is that the higher spec processor comes with an internal 68882 maths co-processor.

PRICES (for the UK, incl. VAT & carriage)

68LC040 - £449.00 68RC040 - £539.00

Afterburner040 gives an enormous increase in sheer processing power and is very compatible with a wide range of software - existing APEX Media/Intro users can also upgrade free of charge to v2.2 for an amended version of the when they purchase an Afterburner040.

Black Scorpion Software, in conjunction with Titan Designs, will also be evaluating the possibility of running both the NEMESIS accelerator WITH the AFTERBURNER to increase the CPU, Bus and DSP speeds even further!


Although a larger case will be required, Titan Designs will also be handling the new C-Lab Falcon Mk.X case upgrades which are ideal for use with the Afterburner040. More details on the Mk.X case upgrades when available.


New lower prices on memory is making that Falcon upgrade an even more realistic proposition. All prices quoted are for 72-pin, 70ns (or faster) devices, which are fully compatible with Afterburner, and incl. VAT & carriage.

4MB - £65.00 8MB - £129.00 16MB - £249.00

Falcon 14MB upgrade board - £39.95

This means, of course, that a 16MB upgrade for the Falcon is now well below £300! But, as an added incentive, we will supply both 16MB SIMM and the Falcon upgrade board for only £279.00.


Titan Designs are spreading the Web! We can now supply 28.8Kbps modems with full BABT and CE approval, and compatible with the Atari, for only £169.00.

If your pocket doesn't stretch this far, then we can supply a 14.4Kbps modem (again with BABT & CE approval) for a mere £109.00.



SyQuest have recently announced a price drop for their EZ135 drives to only £129.00!!! This price includes VAT, but not carriage which is a further £10.

As before the complete kit includes the drive itself, one 135MB cartridge, 50-way to 50-way Centronics cable (or 25-way D to 50-way Centronics), SCSI terminator, power supply and manuals for Mac and PC. Normal Atari HD software is all that's needed to get the drive up and running.

An optional Falcon cable is an additional £17.50. <BR> Extra cartridges are £17.50 each.

Gribnif in the UK

Titan Designs are pleased to announce that they have successfully negotiated with Dan Wilga of Gribnif Software whereby we will be distributing virtually all of their products into the UK - six major products with three support utilities!

Brian Stanton has agreed to handle any technical enquiries through Cix topic(s) which will be situated within our own TITAN titan.bss conference. In addition, personal mail can be addressed directly to Brian at and he will now be co-modding our Cix conference with Martyn Dryden.

For all sales and general enquiries, please contact Titan Designs. Users without a modem or e-mail support can forward technical enquiries to Titan Designs directly.

The following products will be available, with all prices quoted in UK pounds and including VAT and carriage.

<B>GENEVA v1.04</B> - £59.95 <BR> Fast, fully featured and reliable multitasking OS for any Atari ST/TT/Falcon. Absolutely magic!

<B>GENEVA Utilities Disk</B> - £12.95

<B>NEODESK 4 (v4.05)</B> - £59.95 <BR> The latest incarnation of the most popular replacement Desktop for the Atari computer. An ease to use!

<B>NEODESK 4 Icons</B> - £7.95

<B>NEODESK CLI v2.1</B> - £24.95

<B>GENEVA/NEODESK 4 Bundle Price</B> - £99.00 (saves nearly £21.00!)

<B>STENO v2.12</B> - £24.95 <BR> Superb text editor that operates as a Desk ACCessory - ideal for operation from within virtually any program and an ideal working partner for STalker.

<B>STALKER 3 (v3.05)</B> - £39.95 <BR> Excellent Communications program. Background Z-modem transfer amongst many other great features.

<B>CONVECTOR PRO v1.00J</B> - £79.00 <BR> Fast and easy to use autotracing program. A perfect support program for Arabesque Pro and DTP programs.

<B>ARABESQUE PRO v2.15</B> - £119.00 <BR> The best all-round vector and bitmap editing/creation program for the Atari range.


Coming soon on a monitor near you! Watch this space! Full product details on just about anything computer related, downloadable demo files, snazzy graphics, worldwide distribution details and, more importantly, fully compatible with CAB!

If you have any queries contact David Encill (for Titan Designs or Black Scorpion Software) on:<BR>
Tel: +44 (0)121-693 6669
Fax: +44 (0)121-414 1630

6 Witherford Way
Selly Oak
Birmingham B29 4AX

Wessex Atari Group

Four Atari owners in the South of England have started a new user group. Mick Locl, Roy Goring, Chris Smith and Al Baker have launched the Wessex Atari Group.

The groups aim is to encourage Atari owners in the South of England to help each other. To this end they will hold regular meetings, produce a Newsletter and have a WWW presents [URL expected soon - FFF]

The next meeting will be held in Whitchurch, Hampshire on Friday 26th July at 20:00 hours. The theme will be a 'blast from the past'... Brendon O'Neil will do a presentation on Atari 8-bit.

For info on membership and meeting venue contact Roy Goring on 01705-611847, Email

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